My teaching and research materials may be accessed freely from this site for non-profit personal and educational use but they may not be stored, reproduced, republished or shared elsewhere in any form without my specific written consent.

Materials are free to access but only from this website. You are welcome to link to this site but please do not take materials from this site and publish them on another site. That is an infringement of copyright.

What you may do free of charge:

You are very welcome to read and print a copy for your non-profit personal use. I hope that you find the materials useful.

You may of course quote extracts to comment on critically as part of your own work – that is part of normal academic practice and is deemed ‘fair usage’ as long as you include the source eg Dr Beth Swan,

You may link to this website from your own. Please do 🙂 .

What you may not do:

Reproduce, republish, redistribute anything on this site on any other website.

You are welcome to provide a link to this site with a summary or a short extract from the material eg a paragraph and then individuals can access this site and read and print the materials for themselves.

I set up this website to try to help students around the world free of charge but some internet sites are republishing my work without my permission so I am having to take a stronger position on copyright.

All I ask for is common courtesy – it’s my work so please direct people to my site. The more people who visit my site the more visible it will become and the more people I can help.

Everything on my site is free to access (from this site) but it is not free to reproduce in any way without my consent in writing.

My materials may be used free of charge for non-profit personal and educational use only. Please obtain permission before redistributing eg if you want to include a lecture in a course pack which you are producing free of charge or at cost to your students.

I am asking everyone to respect my rights to my work. I am also inviting everyone as warmly as possible to read anything on my site and to print copies for non-profit personal use if they wish.

Permission will not be withheld unreasonably so please feel free to ask – you can use the contact form here. Thank you. 

For information on copyright and intellectual property law please see the UK government website here.