10 Laws Which Affect You (but which you may never have heard about)

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If you live in the UK ( particularly if you are a woman) then these legal reforms affect you: your everyday freedoms, hopes and lifestyle are based upon them. They are surprisingly recent, some in living memory.

I could have entitled this ’10 things that make my blood boil’ (because reform came so late) – as someone who has sang froid running through her veins that’s quite something  🙂 . Let me simply cheer and wish you a good day:

1875     Public Health Act, compelling water companies to provide constant supply of water to houses in towns; town councils given task of maintaining sewerage and drainage and refuse collection.

1881   Women allowed their own savings accounts.

1881   Married Women’s Property Act gave married women the same right of acquiring and disposing of property as unmarried women eg by will.

1891    Education became free for every child.

1891    Women were allowed to manage their property separately from their husbands.

1907    Women were allowed control over their own wages.

1908    Old Age Pensions introduced.

1918     Men over 21 and women over 30 gained the vote.

1929    Women aged 21-30 gained the vote.

1948    National Health Service introduced, promising free health care for all.