Will I get Bullied at University?

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Will I get bullied by other students if they think I’m stupid or if I do well?

One of the great things about university is that bullying of the kind so depressingly common in schools is rare. You certainly won’t find gangs of students loitering in toilets waiting to flush your head down one!

Many students have told me over the years what a relief it was to leave the school environment and be in a ‘more grown-up’ environment with no bullies (that doesn’t mean no bitchiness!)

If you ask fellow students how they’re finding the course, what they think of university etc you’ll probably find that you have quite a lot in common. You’re studying the same course so that helps!

Please remember: you have passed a selection process to get into university so you have all achieved something. Now you face a new set of challenges but the fact that you got into university indicates that you have what it takes. You just need to give it time and work at it. Good luck 🙂


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