Teaching Nightmares

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TeacherProbThis was taken from You Can’t Scare Me I’m A Teacher.

It doesn’t just happen at school. I recall a seminar with 30 students: 22 late, 5 very late. 0 had attended all the previous sessions. At best they had all attended 3 out of 10 sessions. 0 had caught up on reading and notes from all missed sessions, 15 had probably made some attempt to catch up on something but not the same things. 30 had turned up because the seminar was on a key text. 0 had read the text. 0 had bought the text. 0 had a copy of the text with them. They were final year degree students. Thank God for the photocopier 🙂 and an impromptu session on close reading.

If you’re teaching today I wish you good fortune!

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