Getting Used to Lectures

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‘My lecturer is staring at me – it freaks me out’. It’s highly doubtful that your lecturer is a looking at individual students during a lecture. We tend to focus on content, time-keeping, generally keeping an eye on the mass of students rather than trying to stare individuals out for fun. 🙂 If you’re being disruptive then a lecturer may be looking at you. I’ve had colleagues who have told students to leave a lecture theatre for making too much noise and disrupting things for the others and indeed for not having read the text the lecturer was going to lecture on (Dr X told students to raise their hand if they’d read it and told all those who hadn’t to leave because they couldn’t benefit from his lecture anyway). It’s fair to say that such practices were not uncommon years ago but are much less likely these days.

Most of us focus on different areas of wall, desk etc so that we are looking in the direction of students (it would be weird if your lecturer was facing away from you!) but not at individual students. If you really are on the end of a ‘death stare’ then ask yourself why. 🙂

Top tip: yes we can see when you’re texting your friends rather than taking notes; no, we don’t know what you’re writing – we’re not pyschic.


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