What If University Isn’t for Me?

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What if I decide university isn’t for me? Part 1

Please please give it a really good go. Attend the lectures and seminars, get to know other students, talk to your tutors and anyone else who can give you support. If after a term of really trying to make it work you want to leave university then it may be time to discuss the possibility of leaving with your tutor. You could finish the year and then decide, which will give you a valuable foundational year and some study skills you didn’t have when you arrived, you may leave earlier. This is up to you and if you leave it’s not the end of the world! I would suggest that you at least do one term, ideally the first year, since this will help you to develop valuable skills and will give you something for your cv.

I wouldn’t recommend leaving after 2 years of a 3 year degree: you’re better off sticking it out for that final year if you can (even if you defer it ie take a year out before finishing – ask your tutor if this is a possibility).

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